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For all our flat roofing applications, we use a mineral surface three layer High Performance Torch on Felt system. This is extremely durable, easy to lay and economical. The felt has a protective coating of crushed granite chippings bedded into the surface which offers protection from all elements of weather, and in particular the UV rays of the sun. It also means that it is not necessary to cover the roof in stone chippings which can ultimately create more damage, by falling into and blocking gutters and drains. The system is laid by rolling out the individual layer, the first being loose laid to allow the roof to breathe and structural movement. The subsequent layers are then heated with a propane gas torch, melting the bitumen base into each other until they become one. This process eliminates air or moisture becoming trapped within the layers, which would cause blisters and bubbles. We are also able to offer a solution that subject to the condition of the roof, can be used to overlay the existing flat roof covering. All debris is removed from the surface and swept clean. The roof is then covered in a bitumen primer and the three layer High Performance Torch on Felt system is laid. This saves the time and expense of having to remove and dispose of the old layers. In all circumstances, the old flat roof coverings are removed from the site and swept clean upon completion of work. All our flat roofs come with a 10 – 15 year Workmanship Guarantee.


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